Family Update

A quick update for anyone looking at our wonderful family blog.  Our family is doing great right now as 2010 moves forward.  After the 2009 year we had and even the beginning of 2010 – Our family has been overdue for a great year.

Where to start…  after nearly 7 years with the same 2 state-wide associations as a Director in one and President of the other – I announced my departure would come in August.  I took an assistant professor in communication position with Central Washington University.  Many were very surprised, but all knew I was following my heart.  I was teaching part time in Springfield PR and Advertising classes at a local university and just loved the interactions I had with my students.  While many thanked me for my passion and dedication to them…  they will never know how much they truly influenced my life.

My wonderful husband was fully behind this decision even though it was one that would uproot our family 2000 miles away.  (I know I know – I’m really lucky to have him stand behind me)  🙂

Well, Matt had no problem finding a position here in Washington but it ended up starting in early August…  so – we packed him up in the jeep with as much as it could carry (including the big screen TV, XBOX, aerobed and a bunch of clothing) and off he went on a 3 day drive to WA alone leaving me and the boys behind in IL.  He flew back a few weeks later to pack up me and the boys into a truck and off we went.  (We were really blessed to have a great friend ride with me keeping the boys entertained while I drove 36 hours!  Thank you Erin!!!)

Well – here we are in Mid September.  We are still waiting for our house in IL to sell but we are hopeful it will go soon.  (anyone want a house!)  We have a nice duplex we are renting for right now and I am commuting up to the CWU campus.  Not a big deal – just nervous driving over the mountains in the winter.  hehe – just take it slow – I know.

Boys start school this week and I start orientation this week at the University.  Life is good everyone – we’re all doing really well in Washington.  We miss our friends like crazy and of course our families but we are looking forward to Matt’s mom coming this fall…  we intend on flying back to IL in December some time and then the Spring comes with lots of fun stuff happening…  🙂  Oh – can’t forget our return trip to IL for Dave and Erin’s wedding in July 2011!

Oh…  another small piece of news…  (well – about 4 inches worth of news right now) …  Baby #3 is on the way and will be here in February.  We have names picked out for him or her so we’re ready to find out this October what the baby is.  Caden is so excited and Grant is not sure what’s going on.  Both boys are growing like weeds and just are smart as all get out…

Hugs and Loves to all –

Liz and the whole crew!