COM 370 In Class Executive Bios on 10/3/2011

Executive Bios are all the rage – Just kidding – they always have been – You are being paired up with a COM friend to write a bio. In class I asked you to go to a large company and a non-profit web site to identify an executive bio. (usually under investor relations OR about us). Use these as examples. We identified topics in bios such as College, work history, name, current position, personal mission, awards, “their personal story”, global work, quotes and even personal items such as religious, kids/married, where they live/where they are from, interests etc. With this info, we also talked about the format… Current info goes first. Inverted pyramid style in journalism. Current job goes first typically, current awards, and recent past career positions. Education typically goes next and then personal interest are towards the bottom.

Interview your COM friend and write a bio for them… At the top of your post… you will put “Bio for ___________; written by _____________”

Post the bio here…


26 thoughts on “COM 370 In Class Executive Bios on 10/3/2011

  1. Biography
    Biography for: Kelsey Laush
    Written by: Dessa Boyle

    Kelsey Laush’s current occupation is as a full-time student at Central Washington University (CWU). Prior to coming to college, Kelsey worked as a barista at Clancy’s Coffee in her hometown of Enumclaw, Washington where she attended Enumclaw High School until she graduated in 2008. Kelsey is a senior majoring in Public Relations and has recently finished her Retail Management and Technology minor at CWU and is currently looking for an internship out of state, preferably New York City. Her dream-job is to work with a pharmaceutical company as a representative once she graduates from CWU in spring 2012. In her free time Kelsey enjoys working out and reading.

  2. Biography
    Biography for: Dessa Boyle
    Written by: Kelsey Laush

    Dessa Boyle is currently working as a barista at D&M Coffee located in Ellensburg Washington, prior to obtaining this job she worked at Starbucks in downtown Seattle. This summer Boyle interned as an editor for Professor Steve Jackson at Central Washington University (CWU). Boyle is a Senior Public Relations major at CWU with a double minor in nutrition and advertising. Prior to attending CWU Boyle attended and graduated from Vashon Island High School in 2008. Boyle is set to graduate from CWU this spring 2012, her dream job after graduation is a body copy writer and creative director of advertising. Boyle is an active individual with a passion for running and two years ago became a vegan.

  3. Bio for: Natalie Petersen
    Written by: Matt Wilcox

    Natalie Petersen enrolled in classes at Central Washington University following her graduation from North Thurston High School in 2008. Peterson has chosen to pursue a degree in the field of Public Relations, citing her attraction to the fast paced and exciting lifestyle of PR professionals in the film industry as cause for her choice.

    Relevant coursework for Petersen includes “Advanced Public Relations Strategies,” “Writing for Public Relations,” along with many other courses tailored towards advancing her knowledge of the field of Public Relations.

    Ms. Petersen currently works for Rite Aid, where she gains experience dealing with a plethora of publics on a daily basis, serving customers as cashier. With a minor in Sociology, Peterson expects to graduate from CWU in the spring of 2013, and will the pursue career opportunities with companies like VH1.

  4. Bio For: Matt Wilcox
    Written By: Natalie Petersen

    Matt Wilcox is currently a student at Central Washington University. He is earning his major in Public Relations and a minor in business and is graduating in the Spring of 2012. His education also includes an associate’s degree from Whatcom Community College and is a 2007 graduate from Edmonds-Woodway High School.

    In the summer of 2011 he served as campaign manager to Bob Wilcox, who was running for Edmond City Council. While serving as campaign manager, Matt was in charge of media relations by scheduling interviews, prepping the candidate for interviews, making and producing flyers and brochures and talking to the media. He is also a reporter for the Observer, Central Washington University’s newspaper.

    While Wilcox has not determined his dream job, he would like to work on the crisis control side of public relations for a large company or for politicians.

  5. Bio for Jeremy D. Nguyen
    Written by Marianna “Masha” Brown
    Jeremy D. Nguyen is a senior at Central Washington University, completing his degree in Public Relations with a minor in business. Jeremy works in the Student Empowerment Center as a PR and marketing specialist promoting resources for non-traditional students and adult learners. He transferred from Bellevue Community College in the fall of 2010.
    Jeremy is an active member of the internationally recognized professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. He is head of the fundraising committee.
    Born in California but raised in Redmond, Washington, Jeremy is of Vietnamese ancestry and enjoys his trips back to visit his extended family. In his free time he enjoys an active lifestyle outdoors with sports such as basketball, volleyball and Frisbee golf. At home he relishes in cooking new dishes as well as authentic Vietnamese food.

  6. Bio for: Jessica Korne
    Written by: Monique Parker

    Jessica Korne, 21, is a senior at Central Washington University majoring in public relations with a business minor. She works as a student assistant at Brooks Library as well as a sales representative for The Observer. Jessica is also a historian for the Public Relations Student Society of America.

    Korne graduated from Heritage high school in Vancouver, Washington in June of 2008. Since then, she has begun pursuing a career in travel and tourism PR. Jessica would like to do PR with a large travel agency or Disneyland. Upon graduation, Korne plans on taking three years off to gain real world experience then hopes to obtain her Master’s degree.

    Jessica has a sweet, yellow lab named Lola and is engaged to be married in August of 2012! She hopes to move to Southern California in the next couple of years.

  7. Biography for Leah Shepherd
    Written by Leah Shepherd

    This is Leah Shepherd’s fifth year as being a student of Central Washington University (CWU). She is actively involved with the Ellensburg community by working two jobs and playing for the CWU Women’s Rugby team. This is her first year working as a Supervisor and on-call referee for the intermural sports program at CWU and her fourth year of being a nanny to 3 young boys: ages 7, 5 and 3. Leah has been playing rugby for four years and has started her fifth year as the Women’s Rugby Captain. She will be graduating in the summer of 2012 with a Bachelor degree in Public Relations and a minor in Administrative Management. After graduation, Leah plans to find a job in California or Arizona where the winters aren’t so cold. As far her actual career goes, with a grandpa doing mission work in Africa, she is leaning more towards non-profit work. Prior to life at CWU, Leah was living in Vancouver, WA. She is the oldest of four siblings so she kept herself busy by being a personal taxi, taking a full load of AP classes, playing tennis in the spring and traveling. Leah enjoys keeping busy by being actively involved in the community she resides in.

  8. Bio For: Monique Parker
    Written By: Jessica Korne

    Monique Parker is currently a student at Central Washington University (CWU). She Interns at Sport and Life Records. She also is working in the Civic Engagement Center with the Charity Water Foundation working on fundraising and campaigns. She currently holds the position of Vice President for CWU’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter, as well as co-president for Black Student Union (BSU). Monique mentors for Students for the Dream Living Learning Community (LLC). As a senior at CWU, she has a major in Public Relations and a minor in program development. Her first year of college was spent at La Salle University in Philadelphia; however, she transferred to Central because of their reputable PR program.

    After college Monique plans to get her masters in Strategic communication from either the University of Washington or Gonzaga. Her hope is to eventually work for a record label in the artist and repertoire department. Originally from Washington D.C. she plans to make the move back to the east coast after her schooling. In January Monique is having a baby girl. She plans to call the baby Mya. Monique also has a puppy Max which she adores and is looking forward to her expected graduation date in June 2012.

  9. Bio for: Aaron Beck
    Written by: Brittney Casini

    Aaron Beck a senior at Central Washington University. He is studying to become Public Relations major and a double minor in organizational communications and sociology. Aaron plans to soon join PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) which will help him have a better understanding on what Public Relations is all about. Aaron really enjoys sports, this why his dream job would be to work for the University of Washington alethic, on the PR side.

    During the summer of 2012, Aaron plans to do his internship at Central Washington University alethic program. This will help him have a background on the alethic side of things before working for a larger school. In Aaron’s future plans he wants to move back to the Seattle area and start getting his foot in the Public Relations world.

    Aaron grew up with 2 older brothers, who got him to have love for sports. He is from Kent, Washington where he attended high school at Kent Ridge. During High School Aaron played football as a running back, ran track, and rugby.

  10. Bio for: Jonathan Williams
    Written by: Taylor Vickrey

    Jonathan Williams is a senior Public Relations major at Central Washington University (CWU), preparing to graduate in June 2012. Along with working towards a Public Relations degree he is minoring in Business. With this education background Williams hopes to have a career in public relations for a professional sports team franchise.

    Williams is a native of San Diego, California and moved to Kent, Washington when he was seventeen. He graduated from Kentwood High School in Covington, Washington.

    He has work experience through his current job as a cook at CWU, as well as previous server and manger experience at Joey’s Bar and Grill in Tukwila, Washington. In his spare time he concentrates on perfecting his drum and hockey skills.

  11. Bio for- Andrew Phillips
    Written by- Caitlin Crompe

    Andrew Phillips is currently the Director of Living Water Ranch, a Non-Profit organization and owner of Phillips Signature Instruction. Phillips also was a foreman for M.K. Constructs. Phillips has also been a drug and alcohol counselor for Community Counseling. Not only did Phillips excel at those previous jobs, he was in the U.S. Military as a Legal Specialist.
    Phillips has been awarded the accommodation award for the Developing the Claims Recovery Program. Also quite the studious man, Phillips was awarded the Deans award at Central Washington University for receiving a 3.5 GPA.
    Andrew is in his final year of school, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Psychology and a double minor in Non-Profit Management. He attended Bellarmine Preparatory High School until 10th grade, and then finished his High School career at Wilson High School in Tacoma. Phillips also has a certificate in drug and alcohol.
    Andrew is married with four kids, four grandkids. He enjoys spending his time with his wife and children. There most recent activity they have enjoyed together is skating. Phillips loves to travel, enjoy great food and drinks; as well as shopping and relaxing with a movie. Phillips lives in Yakima, Washington.

  12. Bio for Lindsey Sires; written by Zachary Dorsett

    Lindsey Sires, Vice President for Professional Development for the Public Relations Student Society of America, Central Washington University chapter, is an expectant graduate of Central Washington University (CWU), 2013. She majors in Public Relations with a double minor in French Language and Non-Profit Administration. Recipient of her High School Diploma from Eisenhower High School in Yakima, WA in 2009, Sires also currently functions as a receptionist in the Campus Activities Office. In 2009, Sires was appointed Student Programmer in the Multimedia Tech / Instructional Support office at CWU, and also gained recognition as a DJ on the school’s radio station, 88.1 The Burg. During this time, Sires also served as a Distance Education (DE) Operator for CWU’s state-wide DE program.
    During her high school career, Sires served as President of the International Club, Vice-President of the Environmental Club, and was the Feature Editor of Eisenhower’s newspaper, The Five Star, publishing to over 2200 students monthly. Sires is a Yakima native, born there in 1991. Sires frequently attends conference events for the PRSSA, and continues to promote her organizations in the classroom. She currently interns for the Public Affairs Office at CWU, and interned at Townsquare Media in Yakima in the summer of 2011.

  13. Bio for- Taylor Vickrey
    Written by- Jonathan Williams

    Taylor Vickrey is a senior at Central Washington University (CWU) working to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in non-profit management in the spring of 2012.

    Vickrey was born in Kirkland Washington on February 9th, 1990. She currently works at the Library on the Campus of CWU. She spent the summer of 2011 interning for the Kittitas County Historical Museum (KCHA). Vickrey is also on the library advising committee for advising the dean of the university on changes and ideas being made for the school’s library. Prior to working for the library she worked at Nordstrom at Alderwood Mall for 3 years.

    Vickrey graduated from Bishop Blanchet High School in Seattle WA, in 2008. After obtaining her degree from Central, she hopes to apply and receive her Masters of Library and information sciences from The University of Washington by the year 2014.

  14. Bio For: Brittney Casini
    Written by: Aaron Beck

    Central Washington University Student, Brittney Casini is currently working towards
    obtaining her major in Public Relations, while pursuing a minor in fashion merchandise. Brittney received her first experience in her market by interning at Nordstrom’s the place she had worked previously. With diligence and perseverance she made it to her senior year and plans on graduating then working cooperate for a fashion store such as Nordstrom’s.

    Brittney grew up in Maple Valley, Washington and went to Tahoma high school. During high school she received four varsity cheer letters. Brittney is the younger of two children. From Tahoma high school she went on to Central Washington University where she found her love of PR and also fashion.

    Upon graduation Brittney wants to backpack Europe and then move to Arizona for a year. After Arizona she sees herself moving back to the Seattle or California area to work for Nordstrom’s on the cooperate level.

  15. Bio for: Kayse Dahl
    Signed off:___________________________
    Written by: Kathryn McGuire
    From the moment Kasye Dahl was born in Seattle Washington, she was surrounded by the influence to give back to the community. With a mother that aids to fostercare children, and a father working as an Elementary school principle, Kayse was set out to serve the people. Whether it is as her current job managing at a local farmer’s market or community bakery, she is there to lend a helping hand.
    Kayse not only helped her community by nourishing them with quality food, she was there to inform. At Burlington Edison, Kayse had her own newspaper column, My 2 Sense, informing her high school about what was relevant in the community and her witty insights regarding it. Taking her ability to communicate well with her peers, Kayse went on to support her class. Dahl is taking her communication skills to the next level as a Public Relations and Business major.
    As an active individual, whether it is tennis, yoga or running, Kayse strongly believes in living a nourishing lifestyle and she would love to take that passion and work for a Non-profit that also supports and encourages a life well-nourished for those in need. As a passionate individual Kayse sets out to help others no matter where her schooling path may go.

  16. Bio for: Alexandra Sherk
    Written by: Jordan Pederson

    Alexandra Sherk, also known by “Alex,” is a senior at Central Washington University (CWU) studying Public Relations with a minor in Communication Studies. Alex will graduate in June 2012, and hopes to work in public relations for the collegiate or professional sports arena. If not working in athletics, Alex would enjoy a career working for a fashion magazine.
    Alex transferred to CWU from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, where she was on scholarship for women’s basketball. There, Alex was highly involved in community service and several public relations related activities on behave of the University’s Athletic department.
    After graduation Alex hopes to reside in Bellevue, Washington where she grew up and graduated from Bellevue High School. Alex is a leader in her hometown community as she received the Hunter Simpson Leadership Award and Kiwanis Outstanding Student Athlete Award.
    Alex enjoys playing recreational basketball and her cat, Moe.

  17. Bio For: Jordan Pederson
    Written By: Alexandra Sherk

    Jordan Pederson is a senior here at Central Washington University; she is in the Public Relations major in the communications department. She expects to graduate in June of 2012 with a non-profit minor as well. Jordan someday wants to work for a professional sports team and do marketing or recruiting. Ultimately, she would work for any company, but professional sports are her target goal. Jordan has volunteered for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), as well as recently for the Ellensburg Children Activity Museum doing different types of Public Relations.

    Jordan went to Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington and graduated in 2006. While at Skyline she received multiple awards; she received the most inspirational player award for her football team, a class leadership award, and the coaches’ award for her cheer team. After graduating, Jordan went to Washington State University for two years before transferring to Central Washington to finish up her academic career.

    After Jordan graduates from Central Washington University, she plans to venture back home to Sammamish, Washington and start looking for her dream career. She also is a personal cheer coach for young girls, and loves to stay physically active in the gym.

  18. Bio for: Marianna “Masha” Brown

    Written by: Jeremy Nguyen

    Marianna “Masha” Brown is a senior at Central Washington University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology. She is also receiving four minors in Russian, Dance, Performance Dance, and Non-Profit Administration Management.

    Brown is an active member in the campus and local community working at the CWU Civic Engagement Center. She focuses on organizing and developing fundraising events through art. Brown’s latest event was Deworm to learn, focusing on worm prevention in young children around the world. The event raised over $5,000 for the Deworm the World Foundation.

    Brown is a Ballet dancer and has been dancing since she was four. She studied for seven years at the Pacific Northwest School of Dance. On her free time she enjoys cooking new recipes.

  19. Bio for Caitlin Crompe
    Written by Andrew Phillips

    Central Washington University Public Relations

    Caitlin Crompe
    Caitlin Crompe is the Wild Cat Access Advertising and Sales Manager, and the Marketing Sales Manager at Central Washington University (CWU). Prior to her appointment to these positions she was a Writer for the Pub Center at CWU. Previous to working at CWU she was a Nordstroms Sales Associate at the South Center Mall in Sea-tac, WA for two years and at the Tacoma Mall, Tacoma, Wa for a year.

    Caitlin is a Senior at CWU currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. She graduated from Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, WA in 2008.

    Caitlin was born in Tacoma, WA., currently residing in Ellensburg, WA while attended University. She is 21 years old and enjoys traveling, shopping, good food and drinks.

  20. Bio For: Sarah Al-Qabandi

    Written By: Anthony Cogswell

    Sarah Al-Qabandi is currently a Junior Public Relations Major at Central Washington University. Sarah, 20, is on track to graduate in the Spring of 2012. Having taken COM 208 and 270, Sarah is building her skills and experience in public relations writing. She is pursuing several internship opportunities, including a position in the Seattle Seahawks’ public relations office.

    Sarah has worked for Nordstrom since 2007 and continues to work there seasonally. At Stadium High School, she took on leadership roles while serving for two years as ASB Vice President and two years as ASB President. Sarah also ran Track and participated in the Stadium High School Choir for four years.

    Sarah comes from a family of four and has a nineteen year-old brother named “Hoody.” She has a Shih Tzu named Pearl and loves to travel. Sarah hopes to someday to return to Europe. As a devoted football fan, her dream job would be to work in the public relations division of a professional football team such as the Seahawks.

  21. Biography for Zachary C. Dorsett
    Written by Lindsey Sires

    Zachary C. Dorsett is enrolled in his senior year at Central Washington University, majoring in Law and Justice with a minor in Nonprofit Organization Administration. After graduation, in June 2012, Dorsett wants to work as a social worker in the nonprofit field working with youth.

    Dorsett works for the CWU Housing Department as a Residence Hall Manager for Moore and Anderson halls. This is his third year working for the housing department; he was the manager for Sue Lombard hall between 2010 and 2011 and was a residence assistant for Wahle hall from 2009 to 2010. He also worked as a front desk employee for the CWU Financial Aid Office during the 2008-2009 school year and he interned with the technology department of the same office in the summer of 2009. In 2010 he co-founded and was vice president of the Secular Students club at CWU, a non-religious club that focused on student activities on campus.

    Dorsett was born and raised in Bellevue, Wash. and graduated from Bellevue High School in 2003. During his high school career he was a member of the Bellevue H.S. Chess Club and served as its vice president. After high school he moved to Oregon where he worked has a banquet supervisor for the Salem Conference Center for five years until he began his enrollment at CWU in Spring 2008.

  22. Bio for: Kathryn McGuire
    Written by: Kayse Dahl
    Kathryn McGuire is a junior at Central Washington University and currently earning a degree in Public Relations with a double minor in Nonprofit Management and International Studies. Aside from being a full-time student, McGuire dedicates her time as a volunteer to Central’s International Center—utilizing her experience as a writer for CCRP, a study abroad company, to help students construct study abroad plans. While attending Liberty High School, McGuire traveled extensively to countries including Switzerland and Russia where she worked with an orphanage and studied international relations.
    McGuire’s interest in foreign relations stems largely from having an international family, with both of her parents being Russian. Her family’s Russian influences, in addition to her travels have exposed McGuire to many foreign cultural elements that she has grown to appreciate and take great interest in. Russian literature and foreign films are among McGuire’s interests along with painting, reading and writing.

  23. Bio for Anthony Cogswell
    Written by: Sarah Al-Qabandi

    Anthony Cogswell is currently a junior at Central Washington University and is studying Public Relations. Recently he was a writer and designer for Central’s pulse magazine this past spring. In the coming winter, he will have an internship at Central Washington University’s office of Public Affairs. He will be writing press releases, working with media relations and helping with web contracting. Graduating in the spring of 2012, his experience in the PR field will help in every way on his resume for his future career.

    Anthony grew up in Kent where he attended Kentwood High School. As an editor for the Kentwood newspaper, helped his passion for Public Relations. He enjoyed playing football, rugby, and golf during high school. Also, he has sales and customer service experience working at a gym.

    Anthony loves working with people and dreams of working with international relations with a company such as Boeing or Microsoft. He is passionate about traveling in the future and working somewhere on the east coast. Anthony comes from a family of 5 including him, with an older brother and sister and a younger brother and sister. He also loves otter pops and steak.

  24. Bio for Iwata Yusuke
    Written by Patrick Hasseries
    Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Iwata Yusuke came to the U.S. in 2007 to attend Green River Community College. After graduating in 2010, he transferred to Central Washington University, where he is currently a senior majoring in public relations.

    Although he claims that he is not a devout Buddhist, Yusuke volunteered as a coordinator for the White River Buddhist Temple while he attended Green River Community College. In this role, Yusuke helped coordinate a Japanese Culture Festival and also participated in a river clean-up initiative.

    Yusuke now captains the soccer club at Central Washington University. He is also an active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the university’s business fraternity, as well as the International Club.

    Though he currently works at Happy’s Market in Ellensburg, Washington, Yusuke eventually wishes to move to Seattle and start a career in public relations.

  25. Bio for Patrick Hasseries
    Written by Yusuke Iwata

    Patrick Hasseries

    Patrick Hasseries is a senior English: Writing Specialization major at Central Washington University and currently works at Civic Engagement Center as a technical writer. He graduated from Wenatchee Valley College in Fall 2009. During his time at WVC, he was involved in Medieval Club and also served as a volunteer for Wenatchee Renaissance Faire in 2007-2008.

    Mr. Hasseries decided to attend to Central Washington University because his family and his writing specialization teachers also went to study there.

    His career dream is to be a novelist of non-fictional, science, or fantasy fiction though, he is attempting to be a technical writer for Business Company at first.

    Mr. Hasseries is married and has 4 months years old son.

  26. Biography for: Tegan O’Bryan
    By: Garrett Leonard

    Tegan Laree O’Bryan was born January 22, 1989 to her beloved parents, Keith and Marcy O’Bryan. Growing up in Sedro Woolley, Washington, Tegan, her parents, and younger brother, Ian lived a somewhat normal life with a little craziness thrown in at times. The O’Bryan family bred Chihuahuas at their home and made a great deal of profit from doing so, keeping two of the pint-sized puppies as their own, Brody and Mini.
    Tegan was schooled by the Sedro Woolley School District her entire adolescence and then was accepted to Central Washington University in 2007. O’Bryan was familiar with the campus being that her boyfriend at the time had attended the university for 2 previous years. She resided in Beck Hall, where she met the best friends of her entire college career; her roommate, Vanessa VanPutten as well as me, (Garrett Leonard), who lived down the hallway from the two roommates. It took her a year to realize what she wanted to pursue as her future career and knew without a doubt that she wanted to go into Social Services after taking a couple courses.
    Tegan O’Bryan has had ups and downs, but has always had the support of her loving family as well as her loving college friends whom she also considers family. With one quarter left at CWU, O’Bryan is nervous, but excited with anticipation to explore the next chapter of her life.

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