#cwucom312 part 3

Werther discusses in depth NPO effectiveness and productivity. Discuss at least 5 main concepts from chapters 6, 7 and 8. How are these concepts interconnected.


2 thoughts on “#cwucom312 part 3

  1. Hey Liz,

    I know you mentioned in class that you’d like us to bring in the questions or respond to them by Wednesday. Is it possible to give us an additional day or two to get them to you? I feel like it’s a lot of work on such short notice.


  2. When talking about the main points in Werther, I feel like the idea that ties everything together comes from what output an organization can produce. This is all backed by the ideas of doing less with more while you frequently have to change your mission to appeal to your stake holders. This comes from with the idea that inorder to make this possible you have to organize output to get the most out of your staff. The staff needs to know how things are done based upon guidelines we hold for are organization based on our mission. All this can produce great benefits that come from working together using the alliances you have whether it comes from similar missions or from working well with others to get the ultimate production.

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