6) CWUCOM312 – BoardSource

Go to http://www.boardsource.org and http://www.idealist.org… What are they and why should you care… ???


One thought on “6) CWUCOM312 – BoardSource

  1. Boardsource is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide guidance and resources to help other nonprofits build and maintain successfully functioning boards—ultimately benefitting the nonprofit sector as a whole. Boardsource provides a variety of resources from workshops and individualized training, to global networking opportunities at their annual conference. Boardsource appears to be a very help resource for people interested in learning how boards function, governance policies and nonprofit professionals. Idealist.com is another nonprofit organization that connects people with jobs, contacts, volunteer work, internships and other resources within the nonprofit sector through a database. The organization began as simply connecting people interested in nonprofit work on a local level and has since greatly expanded. While boardsource seems to be a wonderful resource for nonprofit professionals already immersed in the industry, idealist.com seems more geared toward people entering the nonprofit world and looking to make connections and find programs they are interested in. Idealist.com would be an excellent place for college students and recent graduates to look for internship and job opportunities. This is a website I will likely take advantage of in the future.

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