Congrats to students…

Congrats to the following students for attending the PRSSA International Conference

  • Celia Layton
  • Heidi Merz
  • Jessica Korne
  • Cassi Krous
  • Lauren Hayes
  • Jordan Pederson
  • Clint Coburn
  • Aaron Horton-Poxton
  • Kayti Castellano
Congrats to students who spoke at the PRSA/PRSSA International Conference
  • Jordan Pederson – Panel on Generation Y with Lisa Fall, Professor at University of Tenn.
  • Clint Coburn- Panel on Generation Y with Lisa Fall, Professor at University of Tenn.
  • Aaron Horton-Poxton- Panel on Generation Y with Lisa Fall, Professor at University of Tenn.
  • Kayti Castellano – Spoke during a break out session with Prof. Liz Kerns, Central Washington Univeristy, about Mentoring Public Relations Students AND created a poster presentation/content analysis with Prof. Kerns on a survey of Mentoring students via Social Media and Social Media’s place in mentoring effectively.
Congrats to students being selected for the 2011-2012 CWU PRSSA Bateman Team
  • Kayti Castellano
  • Jordan Pederson
  • Matthew Phillips
  • Jessica Korne
  • Aubrey Abbott
  • And Alternates:  Gracie and Kayse!
Congrats to the Central Communication Agency for working effectively and being the first ever class for CWU’s new student run full service agency…  So excited for you guys to hit your stride.  Account executives include Liz Glavish, Heidi Merz, Matt Phillips, and Kayti Castellano.  Each AE have wonderful times including the following students (their bios can be found at:
  • Kayti Castellano
  • Cassandra “Cassi” Krous
  • Andy Lowe
  • Jessica Korne
  • Monique Parker
  • Heidi Merz
  • Jordan Pederson
  • Celia Layton
  • Chase Thomas
  • Elizabeth “Liz” Glavish
  • Nicholas Saine
  • Kacy Schmidt
  • Kelsey Laush
  • Matthew Phillips
  • Robert Nelson
  • Kyle “Zach” Pennington
  • Whitney Hahn
  • Nicole Jarvis
  • Courtney Hottowe
  • Jessica Massart
  • Alora Knapp
What else have you guys rocked out at?  I know I’m probably missing something…  let me know what I’ve missed.  Anyways – As always – I’m proud mother goose of all you have accomplished!!  🙂

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