Policy in class

A few things from the past few weeks guys:

1) Out of 2 examples today, I am going to ask you all to be respectful of one another AND ME. Comments under your breathe to fellow students or to me are not welcome and I must remind you … IF you disrespect one another or me, you will be asked to leave the classroom immediately. I am going to ask you all to be respectful to one another. We are in college and I encourage discussion in my classes… and there is no such thing as a stupid comment or question.

2) I know it has become a bit of a joke… For me to say “Class begins at 10… or 1… or _____” but as I asked in the syllabus, students need to strive to be on time. I am going to ask once again for us all attempt to be professional (and I know I am included in this on occasion) to be in class ON TIME. Moreover on this subject, for Tuesday mornings in 312, I have cited that class begins at 10:10 because of a personal scheduling conflict with my son but do not confuse this with me being late. I made it clear after the first week that we will begin the class on Tuesday’s 10 minutes after the hour.

If you have any questions or comments about this, feel free to talk to me but respect is most important in the classroom to me and require it to be given to one another.


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