COM 370 – In Class October 31 – Blog Post

In class I asked you to write a topic and then a publication/organization.  In this idea, you are going to write a BLOG post on behalf of the organization about the topic given.  Remember, your blog should be top 2/3 content and bottom 1/3 conversation driving.  I.e., what do you think about this study?  etc…. 

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24 thoughts on “COM 370 – In Class October 31 – Blog Post

  1. Zachary Dorsett
    Topic: NFL Football
    Org/Publican: The NFL Network

    Fantasy based in reality, who leads your team?

    Tebow, Vick, Rivers… the choices are as tough as the players. The average armchair manager has a tough decision to make as the season charges on: who is going to throw for my team? As the starters begin to lose their jobs, and the second string looks to show their stuff, should you be trading in the trusted names for the potential standouts? Are you still sobbing because you didn’t pick Michael Vick last week? These are the issues you may be dealing with, and we at the NFL Network have your back.

    Our experts have debated and argued, and come up with our top three picks as we move into Week Nine of the regular season. The general consensus is that Drrew Brees is still the best man to place your faith in. Coming off a close loss against the St. Louis Rams last week, he maintains a passer rating over 100. Nearing 3,000 yards at the half-year mark, he’s our man to carry you through to the playoffs. Next on our list is Tom Brady, leader of the New England Patriots and their 5-2 record, tied for first in the AFC East. With a passer rating higher than Brees by three points, we hold him in the highest esteem. If his track record holds true, he’ll be number one by the end of the year. Coming in at third is Michael Vick, the lightning-fast man from Philly. With lower yardage and less TDs than the top two, Vick is impressive in his own running game. If you need a QB who knows how to score without letting go of the ball, this is your man.

    The debate rages on as the snow starts to fall in Detroit. The real question on everyone’s mind is who is going to take their team to the next level now that they can reflect on the first half of the season? You have our picks, now we want to know… who are you going to put your stock in this November? Give us your opinion in the comments section.

  2. Jeremy Nguyen
    parenthood magazine

    My kids eat lots of candy on Halloween, more than their normal monthly consumption! There I said it. And I’m okay with it. It is one day of the year and they’re children for the love of God! I remember the feeling but I also remember having some limits. Which is what parenting is all about – setting limits. Of course, I do not let my children sit down with their bag and just eat until they throw up! I do, however, let them enjoy a few pieces of their favorite candy. I’m all about going green for Halloween and choosing healthier treats but the fact of the matter is most of the candy the children get on Halloween is not what I would choose for them to get. Which means they eat candy high in sugar, fat, calories and high fructose corn syrup but it tastes good and they are all smiles?
    How We Set Limits for Halloween
    • We fill the kids up with healthy stuff during the day! Lots of water, fruit, veggies, yogurt and protein packed food. They are less likely to gorge if they aren’t hungry.
    • The kids get to eat a few pieces while we are trick or treating so when we get back to the house they don’t go wild and want it all.
    • We inspect the candy to make sure that it is safe and nothing is unopened.
    • The children choose 3 or 4 pieces that they would like to eat that evening and sometimes they don’t even eat the 3rd or 4th piece. I believe they need to learn how to feel full or when enough is enough.
    • Everything is then put into one bowl and each night for the next week they get one piece after eating a good dinner.
    What do you guys think about letting your kids eating candy on Halloween?

  3. Natalie Petersen
    Topic: Philanthropy
    Organization/Publction: UICEF

    We Can Still Help

    Genocide is not a new concept to Darfur, but it is not something that we should get used to. According to UNICEF reports, of the 6.2 million people living in Darfur, 4.2 million have been directly affected by the conflicts. Unfortunately one of the biggest devastations of the conflicts, are the children who are affected. Over 700,000 children under the age of five have grown up knowing nothing other than the conflicts and violence.

    Darfur has experienced an incredible number of tragedies, through humanitarian efforts, some aspects of their life are a little better than before. Mortality rates for children under five years of age have decreased over the last four years from 1.03 in 2004 to .67 in 2007. School attendance is also on the rise. Primary school enrolment has almost doubled since 2006 with more than 976,000 in 2007.

    Though nothing will ever be able to mend the millions who have lost their homes or loved one to the genocide attacks, there are things that we can do. As humanitarians, I urge all of us to continue to work together to keep helping those in Darfur. Just because these horrific events are no longer in the news, it does not mean that people have stopped suffering.
    Source: UNICEF

  4. Dessa Boyle
    Topic: Candy
    The New York Times

    The leaves have fallen, the air is crisp, and Candycorn, miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and sour gummy worms fill every trick-or-treater’s buckets on the night of All-Hallows- Eve. However, with the growing obesity and diabetes epidemic in this country, many parent organizations are in an uproar about the tradition in America that has become a major staple in what we believe is Halloween.

    The sugar found in the Halloween treats that fill the aisles of our local grocery store have recently gone under great scrutiny by both the FDA and those behind in hopes that candy would not continuously be promoted during the Halloween season. “We would rather the candy stay in the candy aisle year round, rather than be shoved in our children’s faces throughout the months of September and October,” said Jennifer Apple, co-president behind “The celebration of sweets provides children with the idea that candy is a normal part of a healthy diet, when in reality it is one of the leading causes for Diabetes among young people. Those in charge of the grocery store chains need to realize that they are promoting lifelong illnesses by having these treats in front of the checkout lines”.

    As well as reducing promotion, many of the people at believe that Halloween parties at school are inappropriate simply for the fact that copious amounts of sugar being consumed. “It isn’t a necessary part of this festive holiday anymore,” said Apple. “However, there are ways that parents can help prevent an overwhelming amount of sugar consumption by trading the child a gift, money or low-carb snack for their candy. Parents also can provide a substitute snack for their child if a Halloween party at school is an issue.”

    We all remember avoiding the house that handed out apples and toothbrushes on Halloween and sprinting towards the houses that we knew would provide king-size Hershey’s bars, as do we all remember the excitement of classroom Halloween parties. So, the question is, despite the growing obesity epidemic among young children, should candy still be promoted endlessly throughout the months of September and October all in the name of All-Hallows-Eve?

  5. Taylor Vickrey
    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

    Nicholas Cage is reprising his role of Ghost Rider in the sequel to 2007’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Cage signed on to do this film whose story will be following Johnny Blaze as he battles the devil who is trying to take human form. There are many questions surrounding the movie slated to release in February 2012. Many people question this sequel wondering why Marvel would mess with success and create a potential undermining of the franchise. Eva Mendes who stared in the first movie turned down the opportunity to appear in the second movie. This was the first red flag about the potential success of the film. Without all of the necessary actors will the film have the same chemistry and momentum?

    The first movie made over 228 million dollars at the box office and had a 155 million dollar budget. The second movie however was not as lucky, its budget was cut to seventy million. Sequels usually garner higher budgets to go bigger and better than the first. What happened with this one? Will the studio’s decision of a lower budget harm the movie’s box office power?

    There are many questions surrounding this film. Fans are hitting the internet hard with strong opinions about the movie’s success. There seems to be a strong polarization of opinions. Many fans are strongly supporting the new film trusting that it will be even better than the first. On the other side of this debate are the naysayers who have little faith that Nicholas can recreate the character embodiment of the first. Also there has been rumor that the plot line is nowhere near as strong as the first.

    Will this movie save Nicholas Cage’s failing career? Check out this link and give your opinion!

  6. Jonathan Williams
    Skagit Valley Herald
    October 31st, 2011
    Ouija Boards-

    Ouija boards are a hot item during this time of the year, but a recent outbreak in demon possessions has had the market turn cold. A recent story involving a teenager in Texas who was thrown from her 2 story window into the street while playing with a Ouija board has caused outrage about the product. In Wyoming a full grown man reportedly burst into flames while using a board in the family garage with his kids. Scientist and law enforcement are at a loss for words and don’t know how to handle these situations which until recent were only thought to be that of fairy tales.
    The producers of the Ouija boards have not made any comment since the recent events have been reported, however it is important to note that a factory in China which mass produces the boards had a un explained mass murder and lock down issue during the month of September which authorities have still failed to report the cause and reason for the lock down.
    With more stories surfacing as the days pass, everyone is beginning to worry whether or not they will be the next victim in these un-explained occurrences. More importantly many locals are remembering back to the Northern State Mental Hospital which has been reportedly haunted for years. A Ouija board outing that took place last Halloween which ended in the unexplained deaths of 3 high school students is still fresh and being brought to more attention now.
    Have you ever used a Ouija board and had an experience occur that you could not explain? Do believe these accounts of murder and near death experiences are due to this taboo product?
    Are Ouija Boards a big joke or real deal?!

  7. Name: Kathryn McGuireTopic: Halloween Monsters
    Publication: Children’s Museum
    Date: October 31, 2011

    Happy Halloween everyone! Though Halloween has its cheerful perks, who doesn’t like a fantastic monster? Here at that the Children’s Museum we are opening this extraordinary exhibit featuring fun and unique monsters fun for both children and adults. Monsters are a crucial part of Halloween and every child loves a little spook to their Halloween. Here at the museum we want to provide a fun experience for children and their parents, Halloween is the perfect theme to represent at that museum. We believe exposing your child to a variety of experiences is the best way for them to learn. The community at the childrens art museum is all about providing your child with an experience they will rememeber and create an open up atmosphere where they are free to express themselves and include their parents in their experience, along with all of their questions.

    The museum is set up to simulate a haunted house, with each room demonstrating various monsters from history, urban legions and a variety of movies. We believe it is exillerating for your child to understand they darker side of Halloween in an interactive way.The rooms also include hands on activities and take-home projects for later enjoyment. At the museum we feel it will allow your children to be exposed to the spooky side of Halloween in a safe environment. Who doesn’t like to be a little scared on this fun holiday?

    What is your family policy on exposing your children to monsters or the darker-side of Halloween?
    What age range do you think would be appropriate for this audience?
    What do you believe Halloween is all about for your children?

  8. Jessica Korne
    The New York Times
    Haunted Houses

    Since I was a child I always loved the thrill of haunted houses. Walking through a house of horrors with things jumping at you and bloody scenes to look at was part of the yearly festivities. Today anyone can make a haunted house. Big or small people will stop by for some goodies and a good scare. It’s simple with all the resources we have today with items such as fake blood, loose limbs and frightening masks. I find that some of my favorite houses are the ones that keep it relatively simple. Cob webs and monsters that jump out, give just the right amount of fun without the cost and gore.
    Even if you can’t make it out of your own home, with movies like the new Paranormal Activity 3 in theaters the hype is big with haunted houses. According to Gallop polls in 2005 more people in the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, believe in haunted houses than any other paranormal items tested. Because of these superstitions the film industry has driven business into great fortune with movies such as The Amity Ville Horror, Thirteen Ghosts and The Messengers. I cannot think of a better way to spend Halloween then passing out candy and watching the newest scary movie on T.V.
    This makes me wonder what is everyone else’s favorite part of Halloween is and what ideas can you all come up with for your own haunted houses?

    Have a spooky Halloween!
    Jessica Korne

  9. Monique Parker
    Topic: Boston Job Fair
    Organization: CFN

    It’s that time of year again, the Boston Career Forum is back! Friday, November 11th- 13th, the Boston convention and exhibition center will be taken over by local and international companies looking to hiring YOU! Graduates, Professionals and all other Japanese-English bilinguals looking for employment and internship opportunities are welcome. Registration is open unit 12pm the day of the event. Applicants may only participate if they are currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or higher education program outside of Japan, graduate or working professional.

    Job rates for Japanese-English Bilingual professionals are have decreased 15% since 2005. Although a valuable resource, Japanese is being overlooked and currently not seen as useful as it used to be. Why do you think this is? As a Japanese-English applicant, what do you have to offer over other bilingual applicants of different language? Spanish is now the second largest used language in the United States; do you feel a push to adapt?

    The Boston Career Forum is one of your last resources! Please don’t miss this valuable event!

  10. Alexandra Sherk
    Topic: Most Haunted Homes in America
    Publication: Seattle Times
    10 Most Haunted Homes in America

    It’s Halloween and it is that time that we get down business and really recognize the most Haunted Homes in America. According to, the top 10 most haunted homes in America are in the following order from first to tenth: LaLaurie House, The Whaley House, The Winchester House, The Stranahan House, The White House, Congelier House, Franklin Castle, Hull House, Lemp Mansion, and last but not least, The Myrtles Plantation.

    The entertainment industry has done a great deal in making scary movies and noting what a haunted house consists of and looks like. They are usually old historic looking houses, in need of a paint job and new flooring. Cob webs usually surround the ceilings corners, long straight stairs that look like they will collapse if you walk up them, not to mention what is waiting for you at the top. But why are they haunted?

    All of these homes that are listed in the top 10 have similar qualities, obviously: old looking, historical, lots of windows, old furniture, and castle look a likes, or huge mansions full of empty creepiness. But what may be interesting to most people are the stories that make these houses haunted.

    Most people have never been, seen, or heard of any of these houses, so how can we claim them as the 10 Most Haunted Homes in America?
    -Who decided these are the most haunted homes in America?
    -Was there a vote, do people actually take the time to figure out the ghost stories of these places?

  11. Leah Shepherd

    Most of us can agree that when we get a mental image of a fairy, it’s a woman of some sort. Sometimes when we say fairy, we get a mental image of a mythical creature. Or maybe some of us picture Tinker Bell from, the Disney Classic, Peter Pan where she has magical powers and has the power of flight. Everyone’s image of a fairy can be narrowed down to a woman and making miracles (reality or mythical) happen.

    Women of the past have been fairies of laundry, cooking, cleaning and raising the kids. Women used to make an attempt to minimize the noise of the vacuum, washer and dryer. Women used to have dinner planned the night before and have it ready for the next day when the husband comes home from work. As men, we used to be greeted with a smile!

    Women today are all about “me first” and having a feminist agenda. But what if I want my girlfriend to be a laundry fairy? What’s so wrong with wanting my dirty clothes clean AND put away in my drawers? I don’t mind doing the work and barbequing for dinner, but I want a cleanup fairy that does the dishes and scrapes the grill. Does such a fairy exist anymore, if so, where can I find her (:

  12. Anthony Cogswell
    Topic: Adorable Cats
    Organization: NBC Universal

    Adorable Cats

    Dogs: A relentlessly constant presence in entertainment and American culture in general. For far too long, K-9s have been represented as “man’s best friend.” Homeward Bound, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Beethoven, and even Snoopy! Countless films have been centered around dogs. It’s getting old and Hollywood is beginning to catch on. Universal Studios is a front runner in the growing movement to replace dogs with cats as characters and supporting elements in the movie business. Movie studios are beginning to understand that adorable cats are the key to an untapped gold mine of entertainment concepts.

    The entertainment industry has seriously overlooked cats as a major player in American cinema. Not just any cats either; adorable cats. In a survey by Time Magazine of just under 2000 people, 44% said they liked dogs “a lot” but a surprising 67% said the same thing about cats. Only 2% said they disliked cats “a lot”, but 15% feel that way about dogs. Although adorable cats are not represented with the same enthusiastic exposure as dogs, they are generally more liked.

    What if all cats went to heaven instead of dogs? What if there was a song called “Roll Over Snowbell?” instead of Beethoven? What if Charlie brown and Linus hung out with a black and white cat named Buttons instead of Snoopy? The entertainment industry would be more profitable and American audiences would be much more satisfied. Adorable cats are the key.

  13. Marianna Brown
    Zombie Art
    Freak Leak Post

    Zombies have become the center of television, media and comedy in excess recently. From video games such as Zombie Island, to The Walking Dead, an HBO series: zombies are the new vampires. It has been universally accepted that zombies originated in Haiti, through possible control by means of psycho drugs. Yet, the earliest accounts of zombies originated from tablets written in cuneiform around 1000 BC in Mesopotamia, describing the first poem ever written, “Epic of Gilgamesh.”

    Today, zombies have become a welcome addition to our society. From zombie take over walks all over the nation and even the world; the opportunities have become endless for zombie mania. There are now sites such as to promote zombie art, daily, from people around the world sharing the same love and interest for these lifeless, flesh-eating monsters. The Zombie Squad is a group of people who are preparing every day, for the future of the zombie takeover apocalypse using their forum, as ways of communication.

    Personally, I think AMC’s The Walking Dead has taken the art of the zombie to the next level. From their creative makeup and costumes, to the character and history of each individual zombie, zombies on The Walking Dead, have been taken to the next level of awesome. But, in complete fairness, I leave this space open for discussion on what zombie and its art has become, especially through portrayal in media today.

  14. Sarah Al-Qabandi
    Topic: Zombies
    Organization: Peace Corp.

    October 31, 2011
    We must be ready for a zombie attack at any time! I’m sure at some point we all will come in contact with a zombie and must be prepared. Halloween is here and is a very dangerous time of year. Not only for zombie attacks but mainly for attacks with humans who are dressed up as zombie. As the Peace Corps continues to help people build better lives for individuals, they want to ensure humans are ready for the attacks and not to be scared as the Halloween night gets closer.

    Our mission is to help you get prepared and know the importance to be ready as zombies come out. The dead is upon us and infringing as we try to create peace around the nation.

    We hope you have a great Halloween and stay away from zombies. We would love to hear about your experiences with zombies? Also, any great Halloween stories!


  15. Garrett Leonard
    Pumpkin Smashing
    The Daily Record

    Every pumpkin in town is smashed the weekend before Halloween!
    On this early Monday morning, which just so happens to be Halloween, Ellensburg residents awaken for work, college students head out to class, and parents put their kids on the school bus all who have come to find their creatively craved pumpkins smashed in the streets. Every single pumpkin in town has been smashed before a night of trick-or-treating can even be enjoyed. The Daily Record phones have been ringing off the hook all morning by bewildered residents who have found their entire neighborhoods have been pumpkin smashed. Shocked by the number of streets with smashed pumpkins, our reporter was sent around town to investigate, come to find that not one single pumpkin in town is still intact. No suspects have been identified although it is obvious the vandalism is the work of multiple persons since every pumpkin in town has been smashed.
    Ellensburg resident, Jane Doe said, “I woke up this morning to grab the paper and found all seven of my family’s pumpkins had been taken from our doorsteps and scattered around the street. Further investigating, I see my surrounding neighbors’ pumpkins have been smashed as well.” Ellensburg road clean-up have been paid extra today to drive the streets picking up guts and candles that are everywhere, “this looks like a battle zone for pumpkins,” says employee John Johnson.
    So we ask you, bloggers, is this just a fun Halloween prank, or should we investigate further to catch the pumpkin smashers?

  16. Name: Kathryn McGuire
    Topic: Halloween Monsters
    Publication: Children’s Museum
    Date: October 31, 2011

    Happy Halloween everyone! Though Halloween has its cheerful perks, who doesn’t like a fantastic monster? Here at that the Children’s Museum we are opening this extraordinary exhibit featuring fun and unique monsters fun for both children and adults. Monsters are a crucial part of Halloween and every child loves a little spook to their Halloween. Here at the museum we want to provide a fun experience for children and their parents, Halloween is the perfect theme to represent at that museum. We believe exposing your child to a variety of experiences is the best way for them to learn. Here at the museum we would liek to provide an experience that your children will remember. We believe is is important to expose your child to a variety of experiences in an open environment. This is a great way to participate with your child with their learning in an interactive way.

    The museum is set up to simulate a haunted house, with each room demonstrating various monsters from history, urban legions and a variety of movies. The rooms also include hands on activities and take-home projects for later enjoyment. At the museum we feel it will allow your children to be exposed to the spooky side of Halloween in a safe environment. Who doesn’t like to be a little scared on this fun holiday?

    What is your family policy on exposing your children to monsters or the darker-side of Halloween?
    What age range do you think would be appropriate for this audience?
    What do you believe Halloween is all about for your children?

  17. Andrew Phillips
    Fashion by Vogue
    Oct. 31, 2011

    The 2012 fashion trend features the 20’s, 60’s, and 70’s coming back with a twist: the twist of today’s light, sleek and breathable materials.

    Relive those fantastic fall back fashions in the comfort of cottons and silk blends. “The thing women hated the most about 60’s and 70’s fashions were the heavy itchy polyester and poly blends,” said Elle’s fashion guru Madelyn Dane. “Today we can enjoy those creative styles: huge collars, puffy skirts, tight one piece and colorful leisure suits in 21st century comfort.”

    I really appreciate Dane’s enthusiasm, but the 20’s, 60’ and 70’s AGAIN? I hated the 70’s in the 70’s. What in the world is going to make me want to own and wear 6 different colors of leisure suits like my dad did? Certainly not silk or cotton. 70’s fashions are dead and should stay that way. How about someone getting creative for a change and designing something new; something 2012?

  18. Kayse Dahl
    Publication: Ghost 4 Life
    Date: October 31, 2011

    It’s October 31, Halloween, and students have plenty to be spooked about on the Central Washington University Campus after a recent claim that the campus is haunted. Wendy Witch, a freshman at Central Washington, asserts that she has seen several different spiritual entities since enrolling at Central this past fall. Witch, a self-proclaimed medium between the living and the dead, believes she has come in contact with seven ghosts in a variety of locations around campus. The sightings include ghosts such as the infamous young woman who committed suicide in the Kamola Hall dormitory during World War II and Washo, a deceased primate that was one of the first of Central’s Chimposium Chimps to learn sign language.

    Historic buildings at universities in particular have a long standing reputation of harboring copious amounts of paranormal activity. Many universities have rich historical backgrounds often littered with gruesome and frightening incidents from Civil War combat to murder. In fact, 63 percent of universities in the United States have received reports from students claiming to have seen ghosts. Many speculate that these “ghost sightings” are ludicrous, and derived from students that are bored or under the influence of drugs. Central Washington university officials refuse to comment on Witch’s claim of the campus being haunted, and are dismissing her report as being a result of drug use.

    “I may use recreational drugs on occasion…” says Witch, “but I know what I saw.”

    What have your experiences been with paranormal activities on University campuses? Should reports of ghost sightings be dismissed if the claim comes from a source known to engage in illegal drug use?

  19. Brittney Casini

    CNN has reported the odd amount of ghost that has been seen in family houses. Since it is that time of the year where haunted spirits come out, it is more common for ghosts to share their spookiness with the public. It is important to stay alert and aware that these ghosts may be in your house, cars, and other personal locations as well. CNN has had many viewers calling in explaining their experiences with a ghost. These ghosts aren’t the friendliest ones, and could potentially be hurtful, so you need to keep your family and friends close while these spirits pass. We want you to share your personal stories with the public so people can be on the look at for these unwanted ghosts. One viewer shared her horrific story that happened to her and her family while watching a family movie. The ghosts haunted her and her family all night, until they finally left their house and returned the next morning. The family came home to find out her house was destroyed. Ghosts have a bad reputation and over the years this reputation has become true. With the help of these stories that can be shared we can stop the ghosts spirits and put it an end. Be alert and know that these ghosts are harmful.
    Please give families suggestions and stories to share each other so we can keep a harm free zone. The ghosts are creatures that can come out at any time, so the best way to prepare yourself is to become the expert on knowing what you are looking for.

  20. Lindsey Sires
    TOMS Shoes (blog)

    How are you adding TOMS to your Halloween costume?

    Here at HQ we are getting rather festive for Halloween. We challenged ourselves to have at least one item of TOMS merchandise to our costumes. One of our guys in distribution dressed up as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and tied the whole outfit together with a pair of Classic 301 eye ware. Suzie, one of the lovely ladies in accounting dressed up as Peter Pan and has been bouncing around all day in her Olive classics.

    We were pretty proud when we saw EVERYONE, including the maintenance staff, wearing TOMS with their costumes.

    Our challenge for you, the people of TOMS, is to wear TOMS with your costumes and tell us about them. Or better yet, post your pictures on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we’ll post the best ones on the website.

    Now how can we make it a TOMS Thanksgiving next month?

  21. Kelsey Laush
    Kim Kardashian files for divorce

    Kim Kardashian has confirmed divorce rumors to in a statement to E!News.. “ After careful consideration I have decided to end my marriage, I hope everyone understands this was not an easy decision. I had hoped this marriage was forever, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We remain friends and wish each other the best.” Kardashian was only married for 72 days, marrying on August 20th, 2011 and filing for divorce October 31st, 2011 citing irreconcilable differences.

    Kris and Kim started dating in Dec. 2010 and after a six month courtship Kris proposed to Kim captured by E! cameras filming keeping up with the Kardashians. The couple wed in Montecito, CA in a lavish ceremony with 500 of the couples closest friends and family. The ceremony reportedly cost $10 mil, this being true it would mean that each day they were married until now was $138,888. Kim remains vague on the specific details which led to the split, Kris has yet to release a statement.

    Surprise, surprise another celebrity couple breaking up. I do not think anyone in the United States should be shocked by this announcement. They got married without even knowing each other a year, and their relationship did not even make it a whole year from start to finish. There are allegations that Kim had lunch with ex Reggie Bush on Saturday when he was in town for football. Other allegations floating around are that Kris had no idea she was filing for divorce and is completely hurt and blindsided. Kim got too caught up with planning a wedding and being married it seems that she could interchange the groom as long as she got her wedding.

  22. Caitlin Crompe

    Murder is a topic that everyone seems to be obsessed with. In recent years we are seeing more and more murder movies, murder mystery novels and murder trials on TV than we ever have before. One of the most famous murder trials in U.S. History was Mr. Ted Bundy. Bundy was a serial killer in the Washington, Oregon and Utah states and regions. The obsession with his killings and trial were oh so very creepy. He had his victims down to an exact formula. Bundy romanticized his victims and “won them” over only to be killed and raped violently. Question is do we have another famous murder trial in the making?

    There have been recent accusations of a murder happening each day in various towns surrounding the Puget Sound area. Today we here of an elderly woman who killed a 6 year old child waiting at the bus stop in Everett, Wash. The elderly woman has not been found and is on the loose with her weapon of choice, an axe. Another recent murder was of a 16 year old male while driving through the McDonalds drive thru. His murderer was un-identified at the scene of the crime, police are on the lookout for the killer.

    Do you think all of the recent murders are coincidence or not? Ever year something around Halloween raises a spook for everyone, are these killings this year’s fright? How do you plan to spend the rest of your Halloween weekend? Inside, hiding out for your safety? Outside trick-or-treating? Whatever you may choose to do or not do, we hope you have a spooky Halloween.

  23. Yusuke Iwata
    Topic: Mail Order Brides

    Mail Order Brides could be one of the methods you might be able to do for being rich or living other countries where is more developed than your country. For example, international people are really seeking to get green card, citizenship, or working visa in the United States, so if there are any chance, they really try to get married with American people. Thus, men in the U.S., please take your time, and look for nice woman from other countries. They will try to be a good wife if you can give them green card.

    Today, you see so many international people in the United States. European, Asian, and so on are waiting for you. When you find international people, just smile and say “hey”, you will see so many people who want to talk with you.

    Some care about looks, so they might say “No” to you. However, if your appearance is fine, then you might be able to find a rich and better wife from different countries.

  24. Patrick Hasseries
    Topic: Movies
    Publication: Variety
    Disclaimer: The study mentioned in this blog is not real. Also, I have little to no familiarity with Variety other than the short bit of research I did before writing this.

    How much longer will special effects remain effective?

    Over the past decade, Hollywood has released dozens of movies set in impossible, fantastic settings that require ever expanding budgets to produce. From Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring to James Cameron’s Avatar, computer generated (CG) graphics have grown in prevalence to overtake today’s major box office hits. It is clear that the cinema industry is in the middle of a special effects arms race.

    There is no doubt that focusing on CG effects is a lucrative strategy. James Cameron’s Avatar, renowned as one of the most successful films of all time, had a production budget of $237 million and has garnered over $2.7 billion in worldwide box offices. However, a recent study by the American Psychological Association brings to question how much longer this strategy will remain effective.

    Last August, the American Psychological Association released a report on the effects of graphics-intensive movies on the human mind. According to the report, subjects exposed to increasingly intense CG effects experienced rapid desensitization. “They stopped responding to effects that had previously prompted significant reactions,” explained Dr. Ross Grimshaw, leader of the study.

    As audiences become desensitized to special effects, it spurns producers to increase the intensity and quality of CG effects. More and more producers are turning their focus to high-quality CG effects, and in many cases, away from plot quality and originality. The question is, with diminishing plot and audience reactions to special effects, how much longer will graphics-intensive movies hold the interest of movie-goers? How much longer until focusing on computer-generated effects becomes a failing strategy?

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