Cwucom312 – class today and thoughts?

Hey guys- as I mentioned in my email last night- we got into the specialist/ doctor at 9 and I don’t want to keep you guys waiting if we run long.

1. In the mean time- find a policy manual and post it here! (link!!! Ha). Must be different from each other. Can’t post one that someone else posts!!

2. Take a look up of the Herman Cain situation going on this week. What would be your response if you were the National Restaurant Association? What do you think they will do next?


14 thoughts on “Cwucom312 – class today and thoughts?

  1. In regards to Cain. From the videos I’ve watched it apears the Cain has his key messages: The allegations are false, he has never acted in such a manner to harass another, and essentially accusing the other GOP candidates, Rick Perry, of muckraking. According to Fox Cain pulled the race card too, whuch really bothers me if it’s true. I feel Cain will continue face the situation when it’s appropriate, he’s deneid to talk to reporters of the subject when it’s off topic, but has willing brought the subject up in press conferences. As of now it appears that Cain will be trying to call out Perry, the man Cain believes started this issue.


    After looking at the current events and allagations it was interesting to see just how Cain handeld questions. I don’t believe blowing up on a reporter about the allagations, even though I can understand how annoying they might get is the appropiate way to handle it. As for what I would do in the for the media, I would have a press conference making sure that everyone realizes that the information is false. Also alot of the time you need to fight through the media to show it dosent bug you and they will eventually stio attacking you.

  3. I believe the National Restaurant Association has handled the sexual harassment allegations toward Cain, former president of the association, appropriately and agree with the majority of the actions they have taken. The NRA has since enacted new policies and educational programs pertaining to sexual harassment and have placed great emphasis on informing members how to define sexual harassment and how to properly report it. Since the restaurant industry has a bad reputation of harboring sexual harassment incidences and complaints, the NRA has now seemed to finally take serious action. By implementing new programs and policies, providing educational resources to it’s members, and making sexual harassment policies mandatory, the NRA appears to have acknowledged that sexual harassment education and procedures had been a great weakness of the association and is now addressing the issue. The association also likely saw this scandal as an opportunity to positively position itself as an association that takes proactive action in crisis situations. I also think it was wise to release the statement from one of the women accusing Cain, despite the confidentiality policy. This release of information demonstrates that the association has nothing to hide and handled the complaint appropriately. If I were the NRA, I would try to maintain transparency and a neutral stance on the situation and ensure that the public knew NRA did not condone such behavior by Cain or any other member of the association.

  4. I found this policy manual on the UN website

    It seems as though Cain has made quite a few mistakes as a person of power. He clearly was abusing his priviledges with people who worked under him. I think the the National Restaurant Association should choose not to defend him or release a statement saying that they had no knowledge of this event of if they did know, that they took the appropriate steps in addressing the issue. Becuase he respresents an organization they need to stand behind the laws and not defend someone who was sexually harrassing coworkers. Luckily, he no longer works for them so they have a little bit of an easy out if you ask me. Hopefully they apologize to the women that were affected. I also have to wonder why the women didn’t report it to the organization. If they did, I also hope that the National Restaurant Association did an investigation into the matter.

  5. International Planned Parenthood Federation

    Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming stack of homework, I am unable to pay as close attention to politics as I wish I could, especially with the upcoming elections next year. From what I am reading online about the situation, it seems that the National Restaurant Association (NRA) is apologetic for any actions that happened while Cain was employed there, but stand behind their existing sexual harassment policies at the time. I think they will need to reinforce some of these policies, as well as focusing harder on the current CEO, as well as providing inspiration for other non-profits to keep a closer eye on their leaders to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

  6. Section 1:
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    I don’t think the National Restaurant Association would really have to comment on Herman Cain allegedly harassing employees, however I think it would be wise to send a statement about the financial settlement with the women who had been sexually harassed. They have already responded to the allegations by giving official statements on their website, but I think the best idea for them would be to only release statements if absolutely necessary, for example if they were specifically asked to comment or if they had something that their stakeholders really needed to know.

  7. As for Herman Cain, I believe that national restaurant association would be respond to the issue as that they are or have already creates a more strict sexual harassment policy since Cain was head if association in 1990. I think that next year Cain won’t have a lot of luck in his campaign due to these allocations. If he is innocent I don’t know how many people will believe however there are victims that are coming and speaking about instances and it will be interesting to see what happens in the elections.


    If i were the NRA i would say that not only did we not have prior knowledge that any sort of harassment was going on, but that an investigation into what is going on will be enacted. I would release a statement to this effect to the general public as well as keep them fully updated on what has been found out and our actions in response to our findings. Since he no longer works for us i would also say that our organization will keep a close eye on any future allegations and that Mr. Cain will not have to support of the NRA, but that until an investigation had been analyzed that we would not be bringing any charges or support against Mr. Cain either.

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