#cwucom370 – In Class Project

Pick a pop culture person…  anyone.  Who are they?  Now post the following as a comment to this post….  Don’t forget your group member’s names….  🙂

  1. Why have you selected this person.
  2. What are his or her accomplishments?  Why are they famous right now?
  3. What qualities does this person have to gain the respect and admiration of others?
  4. Which groups/markets does this person influence?  What are their sphere of influence?
  5. How did you discover this person?  Newspaper, magazines, tv, radio, internet, books, word of mouth, class, etc?
  6. What does your classmates say about this person? 
  7. What would you propose for their brand to help them along?  Recommendations as a PR person for their image?

12 thoughts on “#cwucom370 – In Class Project

  1. Kim Kardashian:

    1. We’ve selected this person because they embody the ambitions of the majority of the future generation: Become famous and rich with no talents or anything to offer to others.

    2. She was featured in a sex tape with the brother of a famous singer.

    3. She is stereotypically beautiful, and maintains the image of some sort of irresistible socialite princess. She has used this new found fame to create a clothing and perfume line. She also promotes philanthropic activities with her social media accounts.

    People are in general infatuated with her because she lives an amazingly celebrity lifestyle. She is nice on the eyes, and is promoted on every news outlet, so the saturation effect really comes into play.

    4. This person influences high quality fashion with what she wears / creates / promotes, younger female audiences with the image she portrays, and people who are attracted to her.

    5. She had a show created around her life, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Also, her sex tape.

    6. Our classmates not only know her, but they’re interested in different aspects of her life. Our classmates are aware of her earlier life, marriages, romantic escapades, all sorts of socialite activities that she was involved in. In general, there is a broad range of responses, from negative, neutral, and positive.

    7. Her biggest PR issue right now is the critical analysis of the short length of her marriage, and what to do with the presents she received at the wedding. Our suggestion is donating / auctioning the items off to benefit various charities. A serious charitable effort would cast a much more positive light on the whole situation, and take the focus off the venom people are writing on their blogs etc.

  2. Alexandra Sherk
    Anthony Cogswell

    Justin Bieber

    1. We chose to represent Justin Bieber because of the current controversy in the media that he is possibly the Father of Mariah Yeater’s son.
    2.He is a song writer/singer, sold out Madison Square Garden, and has done multiple songs with big name artist. He was named Artist of the Year in 2010, Nominated for Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocalist.
    3. Came from a small town in Canada, started to fall in love with music at a young age. He started playing the drums at age 2, and has never let go of his dreams and he is now a big time music artist with fans all over the world.
    4. Justin Bieber influences young teenage girls, rappers, and other music lovers. He influences other artists, and people around the world to never give up on their dreams no matter how big they are.
    5. We discovered this person through the music media, twitter, and other websites.
    6. From a classmate in class, he said he does not like Justin Bieber and that he sucks.
    7. We can represent him as innocent and honest, loyal to his current girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Concentrate more on music and upcoming events rather than the current controversy in the media until DNA testing is completed.

  3. Kathryn McGuire
    Sarah Al-Qabandi
    1. Who: Anthony Bourdain
    2. Why/Accomplishment: elite chef, food critic, blogger, Author, Travel guide show(no reservations)
    3. Qualities: Hard working, charity provider, realistic, humble and relatable
    4. Fields of influence: Food critics, restaurant owners, chefs, travelers, cultural studies
    5. Discovered: Stumbled on his show
    6. Classmates view: They don’t know much about him, he is a little out of the youthful loop.
    7. How to help: Connect him with the younger generations by demonstrating various actives their age range could participate in. Give him a more youthful look in his appearance; have him participate in MTV events and other younger generation viewings.

  4. Kim Kardashian
    1. We selected this celebrity because she is currently in the headlines
    2. She is famous because of her reality TV shows, her clothing lines, and her modeling.
    3. She is respected because of her looks and her work ethic
    4. Kim Kardashian influences young adults
    5. We discovered this person through media and reality TV.
    6. Classmates say, “she has the whole rump roast,” and “she is aesthetically pleasing;” “she knows how to market herself.”
    7. A PR person can help her image by drawing attention to her charitable work and her compassionate demeanor. We can do this through managing her Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as booking her for interviews through entertainment news.
    (Jordan and Jessica)

  5. Aaron Beck

    I choose to represent Charlie Sheen. The reason I choose to represent Mr. Sheen is because I grew up watching and loving his movies. I feel like he is a good person who is just misguided and just needs rehab for his coke addiction.

    He is famous for his many movies and recently he was the star of the show Two and a Half Men. Now he is most famous for his outburst to the paparazzi and also for his wild life style.

    Charlie Sheen has a great amount of self-confidence and is also a great actor.

    The public influences Charlie Sheen; also he is influenced by his drug habits.

    I discovered this person through the media. He has caught the attention of many, and I feel like he could use a PR campaign to restore his image.

    Fellow classmates believe that Charlie sheen is a crack head with a lot of money. He lives a crazy life style but is still hilarious.

    In order to help Charlie Sheens name we are going to send him to rehab and have him start making speeches in order to promote anti-drug campaigns. Also we will have him volunteering and donating to charity.

  6. Dessa Boyle
    Jonathan Williams


    1) Macklemore is an inspirational Northwest hip hop artist.
    2) He is an unsigned underground Seattle-based hip hop artist with over 28,000 followers on Twitter and over 92,000 people liking him on Facebook.
    3) The ability to rap and relate to his generation without using references to alcohol, drugs or violence.
    4) Macklemore influences a younger generation of underground hip-hop music listeners, particularly those living in Seattle and the Northwest.
    5) We discovered Macklemore through the Seattle-based radio station KEXP and through Youtube.com.
    6) Majority of college students from the Northwest agree that Macklemore is very talented and has catchy, witty and respectable hip hop songs and lyrics.
    7) Macklemore seems to have a large following for an unsigned hip-hop artist. Although he doesn’t want to go into mainstream hip-hop, Macklemore could still find more of a following along the west coast, perhaps more into California instead of just a Washington and Oregon based following without falling into the mainstream hip-hop market trap.

  7. Kelsey Laush
    Brittney Casini
    Garrett Leonard

    1.)Why did we pick to be Justin Bieber’s PR?
    We chose to be His PR team because he is a mega famous pop culture icon who always seems to be in the headlines.

    2.)What are his accomplishments?
    His first album went platinum, and his first seven songs made it to the billboard hot 100. Won four awards at the 2010 American Music Awards. Won best new artist at the Video Music Awards. At the 2010 teen choice awards he won 4 awards.

    3.)What Qualities does this person have to gain respect and admiration of others?
    Was discovered at a young age for his singing and dancing talents, got signed on with a major record company, was fought over who was going to sign him first by Justin Timberlake and Usher, because they saw great potential in him. Is a great singer and songwriter, as well as acting, some would call him a triple threat.

    4.)What groups/markets does he influence?
    His main following is young females, as well as anyone who has “Bieber Fever”. He influences people and has directly said “I want to influence people to help out, be bold, and follow your hearts.”

    5.)How did we discover this person?
    Music Television (MTV) promoting and playing his songs and music videos, and seeing commercials for his biographical movie “Never Say Never”.

    6.)What do your classmates have to say about this person?
    Many of our classmates think he is talented for his age, but image is girly and a sellout, does not have defined style or image seems to change who he is often, annoying figure in society.

    7.)What can we do as their PR campaign manager to help them?
    Help out his image, make sure he does not talk to the media without approval from us, does not release statements that make him seem like a sellout, get him a personal stylist and help him develop a personal style. Make sure he takes a paternity test.

  8. Yusuke Iwata
    Monique Parker

    Justin Beiber

    1. Justin Beiber is a YouTube sensation that is currently dominating the pop music scene.
    2. Since Beiber’s entrance in 2009, he has been nominated and won many awards including 4 AMA’s, 6 Billboard music awards, 2 Grammy nominations, CMT Music awards and many, many more! He’s also released 2 platinum albums, a movie about his life and just dropped his latest Christmas song collection.
    3. Since becoming famous, he has remained humble and very appreciative of all his fame and fans. He also works extremely hard for a person his age and keeps a sense of humor regarding the rumors surrounding him.
    4. Children-Adults ages 6-21 with a predominately female following.
    5. We discovered Justin Beiber through both YouTube and the radio.
    6. Our class mates think he’s one of the better teen role models, but outside of that remain indifferent about the artist.
    7. Currently Justin Beiber is being accused of fathering a random woman’s child. Allegedly Beiber and the woman had sex in a bathroom after a concert 9 months ago. As Beiber’s campaign managers, we would release 1 statement to the press and fans letting them know that the accusations are completely false and would refuse to comment on it any further. We think some matters don’t deserve much attention, especially something as farfetched as this story.

  9. Kayse Dahl and Lindsey Sires
    Com 370

    Kristie Alley
    1. We selected Kristie Alley because she is a quirky and interesting person who has been scrutinized for weight her entire career.
    2. She has appeared in many films including Look Who’s Talking, For Rich or For Poor, It takes Two, the television sitcom Cheers, appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and currently has her own reality show on A&E which was later picked up by Lifetime. She has been in news for scientology, weight loss programs (Jenny Craig) etc., and marrying her cousin.
    3. Kristie Alley has been inspirational to many women who have struggled with their personal image and weight loss. People respect her blunt and comical approach to weight loss and life’s problems.
    4. Sphere of influence: Primarily middle aged women. Oprah viewers—as she was featured multiple times on the Oprah Show.
    5. We first discovered Kristie Alley by watching It Takes Two, however, she has been featured positively and negatively in relation to her body image on multiple magazine covers.
    6. Classmates view Kristie Alley as funny, and constantly talking about her weight. One classmate believes Alley has “Let herself go.”
    7. Alley has recently been gaining weight but has not spoken out about the “growing” problem. As PR managers of Alley, we would recommend she do an appearance on a daily talk show, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show to address the issue. Alley could reenact her previous appearance on the Oprah show, where she came out in a bikini to demonstrate that she was confident and proud of her body despite the media portrayal. An appearance such as this would reach Alley’s sphere of influence and positively position her as a role model for women who struggle with their image.

  10. Caitlin Crompe
    Taylor Vickrey
    Com 370
    November 7, 2011

    1.We selected Kate Gosselin as our public figure because she herself is a mother of eight and routinely receives a lot of media attention. Kate is a promoter for healthy eating habits and keeping her kids as well as all children active.

    2.Kate Gosselin is an accomplished novelist, with three on New York Times Best-Seller List. Also well –known for her reality TV show, Jon and Kate plus 8, and Kate plus 8. Ms. Gosselin is most recently a new writer for Couponcabin.com a blog about coupon savings.

    3.Kate has a lot of admiration and respect from her fans and the public in many ways. The main reason people love her is that she is a strong, independent mother providing the best she can for her children. She is smart and is the best mom she can be in the world she lives in.

    4.The main groups that Kate Gosselin influences are parents, parents of multiples, nurses, authors and reality TV followers.

    5.We discovered Kate from the original show, Jon and Kate plus 8.

    6.Overall the majority of our classmates know who she is and are saddened by the effects that the media has had on their family and her as a mother. Some peers saw her as a great mother doing the best to provide for her family.

    7.As Kate Gosselin’s PR campaign manager we will resuscitate her image by making her appear more focused on her children and less concerned with the limelight. We plan to do that by having less appearances about the media and her TV show, and more about her kids.

  11. Marianna Brown & Jeremy Nguyen
    1. We chose Kim Kardashian as our person of interest because she is a current news target and the butt of many jokes (pun intended), especially since the announcement of her divorce from a 72 day marriage.
    2. Her accomplishments include being the personal stylists for Paris Hilton, being a social light as well as being in an internet spread sex tape with R&B singer Ray Jay, Brandy’s brother. She was also on the long-run reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as well as the Kim & Kourtney Take New York. She also runs a clothing store in three locations with her sisters and mother, Dash, as well as having created a perfume.
    3. A main infatuation of Kim is her physical attributes; she has a very nice body with an extremely large derrière. She is beautiful and is considered the epitome of beauty. Because she is constantly shown in social media, as well as chooses to be through her reality TV show, she is well known by society of her daily actions.
    4. Kim Kardashians influences markets such as men’s magazines, women’s fashion, tabloids, reality tv, pornography and has been the center of many discussion regarding her personal life. Her sphere of influence is many young females and
    5. Jeremy found out about Kim Kardashian by watching her sex tape. Marianna found out about Kim Kardashian by watchinjg her first reality TV-show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
    6. People think she is very popular without any real right to her prestige. Some people really enjoy looking her and fantasizing about her. People think she is sometime used a poor role model for young women.
    7. As her PR campaign managers we wish to turn her image into a poor positive wholesome, well-spoken person of influence. We would attempt to subdue news about her failing marriage, and keep the news on her clothing store and perfume line.

  12. Andrew Phillips
    Christian Rapper

    1.Why have you selected this person.
    LaCrae is not a mainstream Rapper. His message is powerful and meaningful in comparison to mainstreamers.

    2.What are his or her accomplishments? Why are they famous right now? He used to be a mainstream Rapper and gang-banger before he found Christ. A life and death experience led him to stop Rapping for money and begin trying to reach other young people with a background similar to his own as only he could: through music.

    3.What qualities does this person have to gain the respect and admiration of others? He is good looking and talented at rapping. He has a background similar to those he attempts to appeal to which gives him credibility.

    4.Which groups/markets does this person influence? What are their sphere of influence? Gang-bangers seeking hope from the life they are living. Young Christians who like rap music and are put off by the boring hymns.

    5.How did you discover this person? Newspaper, magazines, tv, radio, internet, books, word of mouth, class, etc? Seeking Christian rap artists on YouTube.

    6.What does your classmates say about this person? Don’t know

    7.What would you propose for their brand to help them along? Recommendations as a PR person for their image? LaCrae uses facebook, texting and YouTube at present. He sends automatic updates via text message. I would add those updates to Twitter. I would also encourage him to “keep it real.” To remain flawed and human and let it show in his comments. There are still hurting people who would be drawn to Christ by his continued humility. I’d also encourage him to reference scripture in relation to day to day struggles more than he has been.

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