Ok guys – I’ve had enough convincing and I also know what we would be doing in classes next week anyways.  What I have decided for my classes…  NO PHYSICAL NEED TO COME TO CLASS Thanksgiving week of Monday and Tuesday.  (The rest of the school is closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday already).  I will be in my office during most of Monday and Tuesday if you need me, have questions about your projects you are working on for the final project, questions about life in general…  which ever.  If I am advising, you will take first priority if you are asking a question about a class project that you are working on so come up to my door and just let me know you have a question about projects.  If you can’t find me and need me, call or e-mail.  I will do my best to answer ASAP and be available if you need me throughout the 2 days.  Now…  What you need to know though:

#CWUCOM492:  Agency Class – YOU MUST STILL COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE AND get them your timelines ASAP based on when they asked you for them.  I still expect your memo in my e-mail in box by 3 p.m. on Monday, November 21.  Any later, I won’t accept them.  In the subject line of the e-mail, YOU MUST PUT THE FOLLOWING if you want it counted!  #CWUCOM492 Agency Memo, YOUR NAME

#CWUCOM312:  Non-Profit Leadership class – I told you all I would give you the extension of your 2nd SWOT or Case Study.  Similar to my Agency Class, your assignment will still be due by class time (10 a.m.) on Tuesday, November 22.  Any later, and I won’t accept them.   In the subject line, you MUST PUT THE FOLLOWOING: #CWUCOM312 2nd Case Study Assignment, YOUR NAME

#CWUCOM487:  Event Planning crew – Work on your final binders, do the research, use this time to interview/talk with the organization you’re working with to get the info you need to complete a master binder.  Don’t forget, with your master binder’s, they cannot be just stapled…  they must be in a binder!  Additionally, don’t forget the 2 – 3 page paper I need to go with it to justify/rationalize what you did with the project, content you collected, etc.  Also introduce me to your organization/event in this paper so I know what I am looking at in the binder.  🙂  Use the class book as a guide again and use the chapters to guide you through the different areas of consideration.  Master Event Binders are due on our final exam time…  or you can hand them in during class on Thursday, December 1.  It is your choice if you need that extra week to work on them.  The few of you doing the paper…  I have spoken to you personally about your projects.  Use this time wisely guys…

#CWUCOM370 – Advanced Public Relations Writing class – You guys are going to be working on your final projects in class anyways next week.  What I was going to do on Monday was to give you the following…  So like 487 – Use this time wisely.  In your appendix of samples…  here are your choices. If you are a team of 1 (solo)…  you must select 6 out of the 12 choice below to do.  If you are on a team of 2…  you must select 8 out of the 12 to do.  If you are on a team of 3, you must do all 12. ALL OF YOU will do the 2 required pieces then select out of the buffet options below it under your choice.


  • Press Release
  • Speech


  • Brochure
  • Front page of a web site for your campaign (you can design in indesign, photoshop or word…  just has to be a design to show what material you would include in your web site on the home page)
  • Pitch letter to one media person and another pitch letter to a second media person but promote the story at another angle
  • Another Press Release about a different part of your program from the first you wrote.
  • Media Alert
  • Blog Post (with identified blogs to submit it to)
  • 10 Twitter Posts on your organization’s behalf promoting the event, the blog, parts of the campaign, etc (formatted correctly)
  • Backgrounder
  • FAQ/Fact Sheet about campaign
  • 5 photos and captions for media to use
  • Other (if you deem necessary…  just ask if it would be appropriate to include in your packet)

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