Student Researcher Insights: Brittney Casini on #MomBlogStudy

Since researching mommy blogs I have came across many different types of styles and trends. Mommy blogs are not just blogs about being a mom; they also share ideas such as, crafts, recipes, their community and photos. These mommy blogs are designed for not only moms but also other people who are interested. When I was researching blogs I came across many that share stories and pictures of their family. After exploring some of the mommy blogs, the mom gets really into death as if they want the reader to feel like they know your family.

Most all of the Mommy blogs share photos of their family, travels, and art. Each blog has something different to offer. For example, some blogs share what it is like raising a family in Hawaii, while homeschooling her 3 oldest boys. The blogs share some laughter and struggles, which their family has been through. However the most popular theme I noticed were, family recipes. The recipes can be anywhere from easy Mac N Cheese to a four cheese Lasagna. Mommy blogs do not have to be your typical parenting tips, there is free range to share ideas and your family. By Brittney Casini


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