Student Researcher Insights: Kelsey Laush on #MomBlogStudy

I have always known that there have been parenting how to books, but never could I have imagined the wonderful world of mom blogging until I started doing some research. Not being a mom myself,  I just never really paid any attention to all things mommy. I now have been show the light, of what mom blogging really is, and that one can find pretty much anything they want to know about being a mom from how to lose weight after baby, how to discipline, easy cooking ideas,  and more. Moms from these blogs can also ask questions and unite with other moms who are going through similar stages or issues of being a mom. Mom blogs are much more personal than doing a google search about a question you may have, these types of blogs also very personalized so from reading the entries and looking at pictures you feel like you know the author personally, and become immediately comfortable reading the advice, funny stories, and everything else that their blog offers.  By Kelsey Laush


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