Social History of Mommy Blogging through a Timeline!

Student researcher, Whitney Hahn, has been working hard over the past 2 months looking at the social history of blogging and why people blog. As her faculty advisor, I questioned her want to participate in a project about motherhood and blogging. Her simple answer: she was starting to write her own blog. As this project as evolved from inception, each student that participates in it is leaving their mark based on their interest in the subject.

With the evolution of the Internet as a formal mode of communication, individuals have used social media to become citizen journalists. Chronicling their lives through web logs, or blogs, has become standard practice for many individuals, especially families with young children. Additionally, stay-at-home mothers have found an outlet from their solitude at home through an ever-growing online community. Looking at the social history of the medium of blogging can help further understand why people blog… and specifically parents.

Timeline complied by Whitney Hahn:

-Liz Kerns, MA, IOM

Research Team Title: #MomBlogStudy
Research Team Web Site:


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