Student Researcher Insights: Lindsie Brussian on #MomBlogStudy

It is safe to say that blogging has become one of the biggest sensations since, well…sliced bread! This week I concentrated on going more in depth about the history of blogging as a whole, not just the mommy blogging part. I mostly trolled the internet for anything I could get my hands on. Man, let me tell you, Wikipedia is not nice sometimes… But that is beside the point. The history of blogging goes back almost 30 years and its evolution into the mind-blowing entity that it is today is astounding.  The amount of history I found on what has made blogging what it is today was expansive, but ultimately told them same story. To check it out,  click here.

Mommy blogging is a relatively new arena of blogging, therefore there wasn’t much information on it since all of the mommy bloggers are writing the history of it right now. It is so amazing to me to see the huge network that being a mommy blogger and a fan of their blogs, puts you in. The endless amount of information, support, and guidance is amazing. Keep up the great work ladies!


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