PR student Featured in the Observer … And mentions me.

As flattered as I was to hear I was mentioned in this week’s observer article … All I can say is that I’m doing my job to teach, mentor, and grow PR students around Central. I am grateful to have this opportunity to change the lives of our PR students. And to Darby and all of our PR majors… Keep up the great work- we are proud of you.


New girl in town

Lisa Cummins, Staff Reporter – October 17, 2012

Military daughter Darby Cox, junior public relations major, has never had one place to call home, but she is trying her hardest to make Central Washington University that one place.

“I thought maybe when I moved here that I’d be kind of overwhelmed with the different place, but I’m doing good so far,” Cox said.

Cox has spent the majority of her life traveling around the world and has quite the story to tell.

Cox chose to come to Central after spending four years in Fairbanks deciding on a major. She realized music business is her passion, and called Elizabeth Kerns, head of public relations, asking her why she should come here.

“[Kerns] was amazing and talked to me about twice a week for the next six months and answered all my questions,” Cox said. “She made me feel like this was a great place with a lot of good opportunities.”

Alaska did not offer the opportunities Cox was looking for in her education.

“I was getting really comfortable being a park ranger,” Cox said, “and it was starting to worry me because I knew that music is the industry I really want to be in, but I could see myself being a park ranger for the rest of my life.”

Cox is already a public relations major, but she is planning to focus on music business. She’s basically creating her own degree because Central doesn’t have a music business degree.

During her junior year in high school, Cox had an online music magazine which she ran with someone else from her school. The magazine was on MySpace and reached a lot of people.

“That was probably the best three years of my life because that’s exactly what I wanted to do,” Cox said.

She also interviewed a few well-known bands such as All Time Low, Every Time I Die and Streetlight Manifesto.

“I think All Time Low would probably be the biggest band we interviewed, in the sense of like, people knowing who they are,” Cox said.

Cox was enrolled in one class when she arrived at Central, so the day before classes started was when she got to sign up for her other three. Cox said she was not used to being that unorganized with school so she found the endeavor a bit frustrating.

“I was worried that maybe I made the wrong choice, but everything worked out,” Cox said.

When a student is from out-of-state, their advisor’s job is to make them feel comfortable about moving here.

“We try to be flexible and can tailor the program to her needs,” Kerns said. “It was through my conversations with her that I saw a spark and knew she was serious about coming here.”

Back in Alaska, Cox would run to the nearby mountains for an escape from life. The hiking areas around here are far away, so when she wants to do the Manastash hike, she has to plan a day trip for that outing.

Tour and band management is Cox’s dream job. She doesn’t want to go into an industry that she knows is failing in some aspects, such as CD sales.

“If I am going into this, I have to realize that so many artists and bands are independent nowadays and don’t need big record labels helping them out,” Cox said.

She wants to be the person that gets the tours going and promotes the artists themselves once they’re really big and don’t have time to make their own flyers.

Cox has been hounding the campus activities department about having a concert board on campus. In Fairbanks, they had a student concert board of about five or six students and an academic advisor.

It was the board’s responsibility to bring comedic acts and bands to play on campus for the beginning of school kickoff festivals. Cox is trying to push for a concert board here because she thinks it’s a great idea.

“I bet we would have a lot of volunteers and people that would love to help put a show together,” Cox said. “So that’s my big project that I want to accomplish before the quarter is over. If anyone ever wants to help me with that, just let me know.”



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