CWU Observer Article: All students invited to network socially

Student in my COM 371: Event Planning and Management class is putting on an event for the entire campus.  They are responsible for everything from selling sponsorship, invitations to professionals and students, entertainment, food, drinks, registration, coat check, program, emcee, etc.  I am very proud of the students and they work they are doing for The Network Social.  Maybe I’ll make this an annual event for my students.  That said, there is an article in the CWU Observer about the coming event.  This event is free and everyone is invited!

Article by Harmony Cipollina-Dreven, Staff Reporter on February 27, 2013.  Source:

The communication department’s Event Planning and Management class, COM 371, is relatively new, but is already full. Faculty adviser Liz Kerns had to turn away interested potential students.

“I wanted to give them hands-on experience,” Kerns said of her Event Planning and Management students. “There’s only so much you can learn about event planning from a book before applying the practical knowledge.”

Because of the interest in the subject, Kerns decided to host a network social.

“Until you actually work with somebody,” Kerns said, “it’s very hard to grasp that level of detail that goes into event planning. And you can’t learn it all from a book. You just can’t.”

The initial idea for the network social came from the Public Relations Student Society of America board. Kerns pitched the idea to the class and now it has grown to the entire campus and community.

“The students have taken it upon themselves to create an event that would benefit the entire campus,” Kerns said. “I’m floored by how big this event has become. It’s taken on a life of its own.”

Business professionals from the local community have been invited to participate: students have gone around passing out invitations to everyone from small businesses to Kittitas Valley Community Hospital and Fred Meyer.

“The event is meant to help students become comfortable with networking before they go out into the business world,” said Melinda Miracle, senior public relations. “It’s also to get students connected to possible employers, not just for the communication department.”

Miracle is one of the event organizers in charge of getting professionals from Ellensburg and Yakima to attend the event.

She describes the event planning as “eye-opening,” noting that “planning an event is a lot more work than you think it is.”

Miracle encourages everyone to attend the Network Social, which is free and will be held in the SURC ballroom; refreshments will also be available.

“Bring your resume`[and] business cards because the professionals can give you pointers” Miracle said.

Rafal Wiezowski, senior public relations major, said he definitely intends to using the skills learned in the class.

“I feel like I will use it in my career and every day with planning and scheduling,” Wiezowski said. “I feel this class has helped me prepare for that.”

Wiezowski plans to go into fashion, music, and entertainment.

“I’m sure I will be hosting a bunch of events for one of those pathways I take,” Wiezowski said.

Wiezowski is also one of the event organizers, in charge of all media aspects. He and his group have contacted The Observer, Pulse Magazine, 88.1 The Burg, along with writing out press releases, advertising the event on Facebook and Twitter, and creating logos and fliers.

“Pretty much we’re trying to make it catch the student’s eye,” Wiezowski said of the ad campaign for the Network Social.

The Network Social is on Monday March 4th from 5-8 p.m.


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