#MomBlogStudy Analysis of trends by Babble 2011

The #MomBlogStudy team looked at Babble.com‘s 2011 list of Top 100 Most Influential Mom Bloggers and an article on ABC News.  Through this article and list of Top 100, #MomBlogStudy identified trends common through the bloggers.

Trends:  Here are the biggest trends that were found on the mom blogs from Babble.  The blogs were chosen for different reasons which made the blogs and their topics origional, hence some of the topics which are more common to the world of Mommy Blogger may not be representative of the “Top 100” list cited by Babble.

Most common trends of the Babble 2011 Top 100 Mommy Blogs:

  • 20% of moms on the list also had other awards/recognition for their work in the mommy blog realm.
  • 23% of the mom bloggers did not have a Twitter account
  • 77% of moms used twitter
  • 61% use facebook
  • 39% do not have facebook
  • 2% had their phone number available online
  • 18% had a main focus on food and recipes
  • 11% of the blogs had a main focus on beauty, health, fitness and fashion
  • 5% of blogs are about special needs children and living/coping with them
  • 6% of blogs focused on some type of religion or spirituality
  • 5% of blogs are about being a single mom
  • 3% blogged about losing a child
  • 5% blogged about fertility issues/miscarriages
  • 4% blogged about depression
  • 3% blogged about technology
  • 4% blogged about gardening

Student Research Assistant:  Kelsey Laush



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