CWU PRSSA Bateman Team Project Mailed to National

I’ve been talking to the Ellensburg community about an anti-bullying campaign my students have been conducting for the last few months with Ellensburg High School. Here is the conclusion my students wrote about their campaign for PRSSA National.

In an attempt to expose the overwhelming problem of bullying in our country, the Stomp Out Bullying campaign reached out to its small community to rally against this issue. Through our anti-bullying assembly, we successfully educated the local high school students about the short and long term effects of bullying.

Due to continued interaction throughout the month of February, the Stomp Out Bullying campaign received 267 student pledges, 56 business endorsements, and participation from more than 1500 individuals. Outreach was also achieved thought media exposure, including that of The Observer, Central Washington University’s (CWU) student newspaper; Pulse, CWU’s online magazine; and the Daily Record, Ellensburg’s local newspaper. Combined, these media outlets have a reach of more than 20,000 people.

With strong participation and support from the students, parents, EHS administration and staff in addition to Ellensburg community members, the Stomp Out Bullying team overcame all of our challenges. The size and high level of support of the community played a vital role in the success of the campaign, and our team both inspired and engaged Ellensburg High School students to take a stand and learn how to Stomp Out Bullying.



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