Ellensburg Family: Considering a new middle school

Yes, we all know that Morgan is falling appart.  Yes, we all know that this isn’t the best we can offer to our children.  And YES…  there is something we can do about it NOW.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.08.50 PM

This is NOT where I want to send my children to middle school!  Honestly, it scares me that I have 3 boys who will go through the school district and this is currently their only option for middle school (unless we make the decision to go into another district OR apply for the christian school.)  So what now?  What can we do?  You can become educated.  You can spread the word.  YOU can vote.

1)  You can become educated.  Learn more about what is going on with the proposed Morgan Middle School at http://supporteburgschools.com/.    Additionally, you can attend the community meeting on Thursday, March 28!  The Support Ellensburg Schools web site says, “Please join other community members on Thursday, March 28th at 6:30 pm to get information and ask questions about the upcoming bond issue to build a new middle school.  The public meeting will be held at the Adult Activity Center at 506 S. Pine Street, Ellensburg”  

2)  You can spread the word.  Like them on facebook and share the page!  You can also go door to door on March 30th if you feel the passion calling you.

3)  You can vote.  The web site says, “Ballots for the upcoming bond will be mailed to every registered voter in the Ellensburg School District on Tuesday, April 2nd and are due back by Tuesday, April 23rd. To validate the bond, we need 4,299 votes (40% of the number of votes cast in the November general election). To pass the bond, we need a 60% yes vote of the total number of votes cast. This is very difficult to achieve! Please tell your friends- register to vote and vote yes to provide a 21st learning environment for our middle school students”  So…  VOTE!  It’s that simple.  Tell people around you to vote as well…  This is so important…  don’t pass this up.



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