Acknowledgement in Basilico Book… Great way to say “Hello 2014”



What a great way to start 2014.  

I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise from a friend and author, Brian Basilico.  I met him through one of my mentors, Sally Rutledge-Ott, when I was planning the Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives annual conference.  Brian was selected as one of our speakers about social media (at the time, a budding area).  Fast forward a few years, and I heard about his book “It’s Not About You, It’s About Bacon”.  At the time, I was interviewing people for a research project about the chamber of commerce industry and chamber usage of social media during a crises.  In our conversation, we spoke about his book and how it would be a great read for my students in our student-run agency, Central Communication Agency.  From that conversation and a follow up one with my student Agency Director, the decision was made to have our students read this business book for class as part of our professional development in agency.  After my students offered him feedback about his book and related the book to their clients in the class, he updated his book.  One of those edits included a wonderful acknowledgement in his bacon book.  It says:

To Elizabeth Kerns and the CWU Agency (Central Washington University –  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my book with your class but also the opportunity to work with your group to promote it to future readers.

On behalf of my students and our Central Communication Agency, it was our pleasure Brian!  We look forward to reading your updated books and taking you on as a client of Central Communication Agency formally in the Spring 2014 quarter.  

Read CCA’s story about the class reading about Brian’s book:

Check out Brian’s books!! 



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