About our family

Let me introduce you to our family!

Liz and Matt – Married for nearly 12 years, Matt and Liz have been blessed with an incredible life thus far. We are so grateful to God for our marriage, home, family, and life.

Caden – He is the oldest of three boys and something very special. He is as good in the water as he is at academics. Our big fish is as comfortable swimming as he is reading a book. It is very hard to imagine he will be starting middle school in the next academic year.

Grant – As the middle child, Grant has found an incredible way to set himself apart… music and art! From his grandmother, Grant got the gift of loving the piano. Additionally, Grant is the second little fish in the family and definitely gives his older brother a run in the pool and classroom!

Jacob – He will always be our sweet little baby Jacob, although he is getting older. As the youngest, I’m sure his older brothers would say he gets away with a lot more than they do. He loves to “threaten” daddy that he is going to snuggle him to death because he is our snuggle monster. Jake is becoming a stronger student every day and takes after his older brothers by enjoying his time on a swim team.