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#MomBlogStudy Analysis of trends by Babble 2011

The #MomBlogStudy team looked at‘s 2011 list of Top 100 Most Influential Mom Bloggers and an article on ABC News.  Through this article and list of Top 100, #MomBlogStudy identified trends common through the bloggers. Trends:  Here are the biggest trends that were found on the mom blogs from Babble.  The blogs were chosen […]
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TOP MOMS: Ranks Top 100 Most Influential Mom Bloggers

In an article written on December 13, 2011 by Kimberly Brown (@thekimberlyb) highlighting’s Top 100 most influential mom bloggers of 2011, Kimberly discusses the influence mommy bloggers really have.  Article in Full can be found on One wrote about her “frankenvulva” after the difficult delivery of her son left her badly torn. Another, […]
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