Chamber Intern Testimonials

Kayse Dahl (@KayseDahl), Central Washington University, BA in Public Relations/minors in Business and Nonprofit Organization Management (Graduation: March 2013)

Chamber Internship:  Beaverton (OR) Area Chamber of Commerce during the Summer Quarter 2012

What the student said:  “Interning at the Chamber of Commerce was an invaluable experience for me. I was given the opportunity to learn about both the business and nonprofit sector simultaneously–as the Chamber itself is a nonprofit that represents and promotes businesses. I learned not only how to apply the knowledge and skills I had learned as student to real-world situations, but build a network of support from a variety of professionals from so many sectors through the different events and interactions facilitated by the Chamber.”

What did you bring to the table as a CWU student?Central Washington University prepared me to step into the professional world well equipped with the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in such a dynamic environment such as a Chamber of Commerce, where both written and verbal communication skills were vital. I was able to produce a communication plan, conduct research, and implement the plan successfully. As a result, I was hired to continue to carry out the communication plan I completed during my internship, providing me with relevant experience as I seek employment post graduation. I appreciate and value the experience, opportunities, and knowledge I have attained through Central Washington University and the the internship at the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce.”


Theona (Reynen) Griffin (@Theonuhhh), Central Washington University, BA in Public Relations and Psychology (Graduation: June 2012)

Chamber Internship:  Greater Concord (NH) Chamber of Commerce during Winter Quarter 2012

What the student said:  “Working at the Chamber was an incredible experience, I was able to be part of the ‘heart’ of the city. I made irreplaceable connections and lifelong friendships.”

What did you bring to the table as a CWU student?As a CWU student, I was able to successfully bring a variety of PR tactics to the table. I did everything from creating Media Kits to writing and editing Press Releases. I was also able to take the lead as an event planner and organize food, speakers and timelines for a variety of events the Chamber hosted.”

Anything else you would like to add? “If a student has the opportunity to enter the Chamber world, I would highly suggest it. The networking that takes place is unlike any other. It’s guaranteed that you will make lifelong connections and will be provided with irreplaceable experiences. Having been part of the chamber world, I know that an opportunity and experience like I had can only help to strengthen any individual as they enter the professional world.”


Elizabeth Glavish (@glavishe), Central Washington Unviersity, BA in Public Relations and Psychology, Minors in Non-Profit Organization Management and Leadership (Graduation: June 2013)

Chamber Internship:  Auburn Area (WA) Chamber of Commerce from June 2011 – September 2011

What the student said: “My time spent at the Auburn Area Chamber of Commerce allowed me to strengthen my skills is many different areas, primarily in event planning and coordination. By observing and assisting chamber officials in putting on events such as member luncheons, the annual banquet, and the second annual Auburn wedding expo I gained immense insight into how to plan and prepare for events that went a long way in supplementing my classroom experience.  I was also able to perfect my professional presentation skills by creating the power points used by the chamber during member luncheons and other events. I also was able to expand on my research skills by creating a master contact list of the Washington chambers.”

What did you bring to the table as a CWU student? As a Central student I believe the most important asset that I brought to the table for the chamber was my understanding of how to properly use social media. I was able to consult with my chamber officials about proper channels to use to send messages that would lead to greater audience saturation. I also was able to make suggestions about the functionality of the chambers website and some simple changes that could be made in order to make it more efficient.”

Anything else you would like to add?  “Interning for the chamber was a great experience for me, especially since it gave me a new perspective about the city I have lived in all my life. Before working for the chamber I couldn’t have cared less about Auburn, but after meeting the people and business leaders I changed my attitude. I wanted to do my part to see the city thrive, and I learned what wide reaching affects the decisions of policy makers have on my city and ultimately me. This internship would be a great one for anyone interested in politics; it lets you see the effects of policy on a local level and really brings things into perspective.”


Amie N. (Suter) Creighton (@AmieCreighton), Benedictine University at Springfield, BS in Communications and Marketing (Graudation: May 2010)

Chamber Internship:  Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives from the Summer 2009 – Summer 2010

What the student said:  “Working at IACCE as an intern was by far, the most hands-on and rewarding experience I could have possibly received during my college career.  Having the opportunity to work along side Chamber of Commerce professionals was a crucial component to gaining PR knowledge while also retaining real-world practice of the field. I would highly recommend this opportunity to any student majoring in communications/ public relations.”

Anything else you would like to add?  “Under Elizabeth Kerns, I successfully preformed the following job duties as an intern:

  • Skillfully performed intensive organizational, planning, and public relations protocols.
  • Designed and implemented innovative adaptations to new and existing platforms that served as “blueprints” for better publicity; authored current and future press releases; served as the organization’s Internet site web master; co-hosted webinars; maintained the site’s Example Center; instrumental in creating and orchestrating Conference events; successfully promoted Chamber of Commerce Week.
  • Effectively handled Board relations, volunteer management, and the research and survey of members.
  • Ensured a professional image and consistent excellence and responsiveness – provided a high degree of support to management.”

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